Kingdom of Nouveaudébut
Royaume de Nouveaudébut
Nouveaudebutflag        Debutant CoA

Avec la Bénédiction de Dieu (With God's Blessing).

Nouveaudebut national map
(and largest city)
Ville de Belleau
Official Language(s) Ouvreur
Denonym Débutant
- King
- Lord Chancellor
Absolute monarchy
Henri V
Léonard Dupont
Legislature Parliament de Nouveaudébut
Independence Unknown
- Total
- Water

454,358 km²
Not reported.
- 2000 Census
- Density

Currency Loup
GDP (nominal)
- Total
- Per Capita
2000 Estimate
Internet TLD .nvd
1A fictional country on Nova Gemini.

Nouveaudébut, officially the Kingdom of Nouveaudébut (Ouvreur: Royaume de Nouveaudébut), is an absolute monarchy in Southern Pollux.


The name "Nouveaudébut" is a portmanteau of the Ouvreur words nouveau and début, which mean "new" and "beginning," respectively. Following the collapse in antiquity of the powerful Ouvreur Empire, citizens of what is now the canton of Coeur du Pays in central Nouveaudébut adopted the moniker to distinguish themselves from the failures of their ancestors.


Prehistory and antiquityEdit

The Belleau River valley was home to two forms of ancient civilization, agricultural Valley Dwellers and pastoral Highlanders, who vied for power in the region. Though wealthier and more advanced, the Valley Dwellers eventually succumbed militarily to more and more aggressive Highlander raids. In spite of their victory, however, the Highlanders took on much of the culture of their subjugated peoples and had become sedentary themselves by 3,000 BCE.

Ouvreur extent

Extent of the Ouvreur Empire at its height c. (???)

The Ouvreur Empire emerged with the unification of the various Belleau Valley kingdoms and principalities

Dark ages and renaissanceEdit

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Administrative divisionsEdit

Nouveaudebut regions

Débutant cantons and territories

Nouveaudébut is divided into administrative divisions knowns as "cantons." There are nine cantons and one territory (Ouvreur: territoire) in Nouveaudébut. They are numbered from top left to bottom right:


  • 1. Coteaux du Nord
  • 2. Montagnes du Nord
  • 3. Montagnes de l'Est
  • 4. Terre Plat
  • 5. Pays de l'Ouest
  • 6. Coeur du Pays
  • 7. Coteaux du Sud
  • 8. Montagnes du Sud
  • 9. Vallée des Pommes


The territories of Nouveaudébut are areas that were conquered by the Kingdom and are not de jure within the realm ruled by the Débutant Roi. Territories are (generally) not afforded the same political rights as the cantons, but may become cantons after meeting certain requirements.

  • 10. Barbares



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Demographics and cultureEdit