Holy Empire of Phaedar

Sit nomen Domini benedictum

(May the name of the Lord be blessed.)

Anthem: Deciens annorum in caelum gloriam rex nobis est
(and largest city)
Official Language(s) Angtinum, Erenpadjer
Denonym Phaedran


First Vizier

Second Vizier

Caesaropapist absolute monarchy

Sabbatius Glycerius Mendacius Atrox Caesar Augustus

Nepos Perfidius Olybrius


Legislature N/A

1 January 2000 BC (supposedly)

3 July 1980 (recorded)


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- Water

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- 2010 Census
- Density

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Not reported.
Currency Phaedran Ducat
GDP (nominal)

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- Per Capita

2011 Estimate
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Internet TLD .HPE
1A fictional country on Nova Gemini.

The Holy Empire of Phaedar is a nation on the continent of Castor Major. It lies between the Itru and Flumen rivers, and from the sea of to the mount Meretseger.

The Holy Empire is ruled by the King-Emperor, Sabbatius Glycerius Mendacius Atrox Caesar Augustus, who is known as the emperor Glycerius IV Augustus.

His short-form titulary is:

His Supremely Gracious and Most Phaedran Apostolic Majesty, Sabbatius Glycerius Mendacius Atrox Caesar Augustus, King-Emperor of the Holy Empire of Phaedar, Ruler of Phaeda, Father of the Fatherland, Tribune of the People, He of the Sevenfold Plaited Cord, Delight and Terror of the Universe, Monarch of all Monarchs, King of Kings Ruling over Rulers, at whose nod the princes of the earth shake their knees; pleasant as the spring, comfortable as the summer, fruitful as autumn, dreadful as winter.

Phaedar is divided between two ethnicities: the minority, Phaedrans, and the majority of the Teputa people. Phaedrans make up some 45% of the population, and hold 98% of positions in the administration, government, and business of the Phaedran Empire. The notable exception to this is the position of Second Vizier, which is always held by a Teputan.