Osten Democratic Republic
Ostenische Demokratische Republik
Flag of the ODR        Coat of Arms of ODR

Order through the People.

(and largest city)
Official Language(s) Ostenisch
Denonym Ostenische
- Premier
- Chairman of the Council of Ministers
Socialist State
Jonathan Böttcher

Kolman Pahlke
Legislature Volkskammer der Osten
Independence March 3347
- Total
- Water

Not reported.
Not reported.
- 2011 Est.
- 2010 Census
- Density

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Currency Ostenmark
GDP (nominal)
- Total
- Per Capita
2011 Estimate
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Internet TLD UNK
1A fictional country on Nova Gemini.


Government and politicsEdit

The head of state and de facto leader of the Osten Democratic Republic is the Premier of the Osten Democratic Republic who also serves as the General-Secretary of the Communist Party of Osten, giving him overall control of the state and all of its organizations. The head of government is the Chairman of the Council of Ministers of the Osten Democratic Republic who is often regarded as second-in-command of the state. The Council of Ministers of the Osten Democratic Republic is made up of various ministries and organizations which the Premier decides to declare as "vital ministries of state".

The People's Chamber of the Osten Democratic Republic is the unicameral national legislature and is made up of 450 directly elected members. Of the 400 members, 300 are elected members of the Communist Party of Osten while the remaining seats are given to various mass organizations and part of the military to represent their influence in nation politics.


The National People's Armed Forces (Ostenish: Nationalen Volks Streitkräfte) often known as the NVSK is the military of the ODR. Conscription is required for all males when they reach the age of 18, they are required to serve a term of 4 years in the armed forces.

Administrative divisionsEdit

The Osten Democratic Republic is broken up into 33 States (Ostenish: Staat) and a single capital district (Ostenish: Hauptstadtkreis). Each of the States have an appointed State Commissar (Ostenish: Staatskommissar) who is directly appointed by the Premier. The State Commissars hold direct command over their state and are responsible for the control of the local branch of the Communist Party of Osten.

  1. Vierne (Capital district)
  2. Pforzen
  3. Eber
  4. Raune
  5. Obenheim
  6. Weisses
  7. Hilpenz
  8. Trostol
  9. Isetz
  1. Kene
  2. Assen
  3. Erken
  4. Medes
  5. Oberruck
  6. Udors
  7. Ranse
  8. Helen
  9. Merei
  1. Briche
  2. Wolfend
  3. Schwens
  4. Kones
  5. Uten
  6. Krader
  7. Hermes
  8. Hirschewald
  9. Pangev
  1. Mahley
  2. Lampolt
  3. Welzirn
  4. Berein
  5. Schrusse
  6. Prasten
  7. Leneus
  8. Norde
  9. Wachten
  10. Kremais



Demographics and cultureEdit