National People's Armed Forces
Nationalen Volks Streitkräfte
Ministry of National Defense
State symbol of the Ministry of National Defese
Service branches
  • National People's Army
  • National People's Navy
  • National People's Air Force
  • National People's Air Defense
  • National People's Guard
  • National People's Border Troops
Headquarters National Defense Headquarters, Vierne
Premier of the ODR Jonathan Böttcher
Minister of National Defense Col. Gen. Leberecht Beitel
Chairman of the State Defense Committee Ewald Xylander
Military age 18 to 60
Conscription Mandatory (4 years)
Domestic suppliers Osten defense industry
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Ranks Military ranks of the National People's Armed Forces

The National People's Armed Forces (Ostenish: Nationalen Volks Streitkräfte) often known as the NVSK is the unified armed forces of the Democratic Republic of Osten. The National People's Armed Forces are controlled by the State Defense Committee (Osten), which is chaired by an appointed member of the ruling Communist Party of Osten. The Commander-in-Chief of the NPAF is the Premier of the Osten Democratic Republic, who holds absolute power within the nation. The administration of the military is run by the Ministry of National Defense (Osten).



The National People's Armed Forces is divided into six branches, each of them maintaining their own command and control elements, they fall under command of the State Defense Committee and are at the direct control of the Premier.

  • National People's Army (Nationale Volksarmee)
  • National People's Navy (Nationale Volksmarine)
  • National People's Air Force (Nationale Volksluftwaffe)
  • National People's Air Defense (Nationale Volksluftverteidigung)
  • National People's Guard (Nationale Volksgarde)
  • National People's Border Troops (Nationale Volksgrenztruppen)